In 4 easy steps:

01 – Meet

Free on-site consultation

02 – Model

Custom design to match your style

03 – Map

Determine your project scope

04 – Make

We create your dream space

Step 1 – Meet

The best way to capture your dream is to
walk through your space.

1. Show us around your space

One of our experts will walk your property with you to gather the most important features of your dream space. During this step we collect images and dimensions so we can accurately scale our design to your needs.

2. Narrow in on your budget & vision

Whether we are designing to a vision, or designing to a budget, the number one goal is thoughtful design.

3. Share your style preferences

Share with us your inspo pictures, or original ideas and together we will select the right materials and layout that best suites you.

Step 2 – Model

A design tailored to your vision & budget


What we can deliver:

  • Scaled layouts specific to your space
  • 3D renderings showing beautiful detail 
  • 2D schematics and diagrams
  • Schedules and callouts 

Step 3 – Map

Peace of mind stems from
precise planning

What to expect:

  • Start the project off with an accurate estimate
  • Revise project scope to fit your budget, if needed
  • Finalize decisions on scope and materials
  • Deposit is collected and production begins

Step 4 – Make

Bring your space to life with our expert craftsman 

What to expect:

  • We’ll handle all pre-construction efforts
    (permitting, engineering and purchasing)
  • Then fabrication and on-site work and installation begin
  • Payment schedule:
    • Initially collected through the project
    • Final payments after the final inspection

Ready to start your
modern living experience?



How long until you can get started on my project?

Unless otherwise discussed, once we get the deposit, your project is handed over to one of our project managers and we begin engineering, shop drawings,  material ordering and more, usually within 30 days. Fabrication and installation may be 30-90 days from deposit. During our busy season (April to October) projects may have longer time frames, and this will be communicated to you upon initial consultation.

Can you give me a ballpark price for my project?

Yes and no. For a simple project like a pergola or privacy screen we can often give ballpark prices. A complex landscaping and/or hardscaping project is very difficult to give a ballpark price and we always recommend starting with a design to narrow down the project scope and details.

How long has Modscapes been around?
The founders and owners of the company have been in the construction industry since the early 2000’s, within that company the owners built many custom pergolas and outdoor structures, as they found their niche in custom outdoor features Modscapes was officially formed in 2020.
Does Modscapes do the fabrication and install on your projects?

Yes, most of the projects we do are very complex and very custom, so in order to deliver the best possible quality fabrication and install work we handle it from start to finish. 

Who does the design? Can I bring my own designs?

We have a talented in-house design team that works hard to deliver amazing designs at very competitive rates. If you already have a design, or want to use your own designer then that works too!